• Taking ideas to living practice means bringing knowledge to life! – for a futurable land use!

    Together with creative and committed people, we develop and promote futurable land use.
    Our goal: Food and raw materials are produced in such a way that people can make a good living from them while protecting and promoting the environment and biological diversity.


What we are passionate for

“There are so many ideas and many scientific studies on how agriculture or the production of material can be reconciled with the protection of biodiversity and the environment… What is it that matters now? To implement and disseminate these ideas!”

Dr. Laura Breitsameter, founder and managing director

Mission and work

The three funding lines of Stiftung WissenWecken

Stiftung WissenWecken takes ideas and concepts of futurable land use into application in order to “bring knowledge to life”. We train people who contribute to this goal and we support their projects and commitment.

Networking, Professional Advice, Mentoring

1 + 1 is more than 2! We help good ideas grow and gain visibility and impact. With our experience and our networks, we support individuals, non-profit initiatives and start-ups that are promoting the development of futurable land use.

People and Projects

We financially support educational and application projects of non-profit initiatives on futurable land use. Primarily, we provide start-up aid for the implementation of new ideas. Furthermore, we support the social engagement of university students by providing Deutschlandstipendium scholarships.

Our Operative Projects – Research, Outreach and Education

Our projects demonstrate examples of futurable land use. They educate people, encourage and empower them to get involved, and share successful approaches. The dialogue between science and practice is a central element of our work.

Support us!

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