Educational film project WissensWecker

What’s the impact of our food on the environment?

Kids are curious by nature and wish to discover and understand things. To this end, Gesellschaft für Umweltbildung Baden-Württemberg e. V. (GUB, the Baden-Württemberg Society for Environmental Education) have created their “Young Researchers’ films”. They present scientific experiments for kids, which give plenty of ideas on how to observe, study and comprehend nature and the environment.

Stiftung WissenWecken funds the production of five films by the GUB for elementary school students, teachers and parents. In the series ‘WissensWecker’ a mother and her daughter come across questions on how our daily food consumption effects the environment. They go and search for answers together and also talk to farmers, grocers etc. In this way, they discover a variety of topics. The films invite kids to have a close look at food, its production and consumption. They inspire them to ask their questions to the topics and to discover their proper answers.