Aquaponics as an educational project

What is aquaponics?

One of the goals of aquaponics is to close water and nutrient cycles. The method combines the keeping of fish in aquaculture with the cultivation of plants in soilless systems. With the help of bacterial cultures the nutrient-rich excretions of the fish are converted into nutrients that can be taken up by the plants. Treated in such a way, the water can be returned to the aquaculture.

Schoolchildren experience the great cycles of the natural environment

Stiftung WissenWecken supports the Förderverein der August-Heyn-Gartenarbeitsschule Neukölln in building an aquaponics system on the premises of the school. In cooperation with the school, the student initiative Aquaponik Aromat construct and run the facility, and they develop educational projects on topics of futurable land use to be put into practise.

The aquaponics facility provides a vivid example of an ecological system in the smallest of spaces. It also shows how food production in the city can be achieved in a way that uses very little resources. The facility will help schoolchildren to experience and understand these interrelationships.